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It was in November 1916 when the scout movement was introduced in the locality of Mosta. The founder was Rev Edgar W. Salomone: who was also the Director of the “Qalb ta Gesu” boys oratory in Mosta. The first troop was called “Musta Oratory Troop” as it was founded in the same oratory. The first original flag is still exhibited in the headquarters to mark the beginning of the scouts in Mosta. This same flag was baptized during a large Rally for all scouts of Malta held at Valletta on the 11 of February of 1917.

Mosta Scouts Logo


By the end of 1917, Rev. Edgar resigned from scouting as he offered himself as a volunteer, working as a military Chaplin at the Balkan Battle. Soon after, the scouts faced great problems and they were on the verge of losing their identity. The emigration problem in the early twenties did not help. A few leaders left the island and soon after a headquarters problem also cropped up. In fact in 1927 the group had no funds to pay the rent of the headquarters and ended up homeless.

It was in 1932 that Colonel PR Warren, at the time Island Commissioner, pushed hard so that the scouts in Mosta will be reorganized. Carmelo Tabone-Adami was soon elected as a Scoutmaster and he managed to gather some old scouters from Mosta to reactivate the group. The meetings started to take place in a small garage situated on Gafa Street, although in seven years time they were transferred again to the “Qalb ta Gesu” oratory under the supervision of Rev. Karm Xiberras. All went fine until the war came and ruined all that was created for the past years. Much had to be done by group scout master Mr Carmelo Schembri so that the scouts in Mosta will have a fresh start.

Following Mr Schembri, the group was taken over by Mr Salvu Frendo and eventually by Mr Charles Vella within his 63 years of scouting involvement, where he spent 41 of them as a Group Scout Leader. One can easily say that Mr Vella dedicated his entire life for the benefit of the young people of Mosta. In 2002 he was honored by the silver Dolphin; the highest award in long service scouting. Today Mr Vella acts as a Scouter Emeritus within the same association. On behalf of the movement I would like to thank Mr Vella for all the work he carried out within the Mosta Scout Group.

In January 2005, Mr. Joseph Sciberras, was nominated the new group scout leader of the group and he and his team built up on the foundations that Mr Vella has enriched. During this period Edward Vella was elected as his assistant.

In April 2008, Mr Sciberras resigned from the position of a GSL and Edward Vella took over the Group assisted by Mr Sciberras`s daughter Jacualine Cassar. Mr Sciberres as Mr Vella before him, presently acts as a Scouter Emeritus in the association.

In February 2020, Sean Bartolo was elected as the new Group Scout leader assisted by John Micallef Engerer.