About Mosta Scout Campsite & Activity Centre

Campsite Rules

These Site Rules must be made known to all your Leaders, young people and other members of your group/party. The warden’s interpretation of these rules, and what is, and is not allowed to take place on the campsite is final.


On arrival on the campsite, the leader of the party will meet the warden before anybody goes onto a camping field or enters a building. Please note that the earliest time of arrival on a Friday for a weekend booking is 5pm. At this point the camping fields or buildings will be received. In the case of buildings, the leader of the party must inspect the buildings and their contents and report any damage and deficiencies to the Duty Warden within one hour.

If the fees have not been paid in full in advance they will be collected on your last day.

Motor Vehicles
These must be parked in the car park and must not be left neither onto the camping field and nor in the building area. Motor vehicles are allowed to approach the fields for loading and unloading purposes only.

No letting off of Fireworks is allowed in the campsite

People not staying over-night must leave the campsite by 11pm.

Property and Equipment
The security of personal and group property on the campsite is the responsibility of the owner. The Mosta Scout Group does not accept any responsibility for loss of or damage to such property but recommends that it be adequately insured.

Public Address & Loudspeaker Systems
Excessive outside broadcasting of voice and/or (particularly repetitive) music by amplification and loudspeakers through a public address system is not permitted on-site.

Quiet Period
The quiet period on the campsite and in the buildings is from 11pm to 7am.

First Aid & Illness
Each campsite group must provide its own first aid kit to deal with incidents. Major incidents can be taken care off by the Mosta Polyclinic which is open 24/7 and located at the Mosta main square.

Sewage System
The campsite has its own sewage system. Disinfectants, bleaches and chemicals (including those from chemical toilets) must not be put down any of the sinks, washbasins, toilets or drains as this will stop the sewage works from doing its job.

Chemical Toilets
These can only be used on the field if the only liquid used is water without any additional chemicals. These must not be emptied down in the cesspit next to the shower block.

Showers and Toilets
According to the number of campers, the warden will provide showers and toilets under a lock and key. The showers and toilets allocated, can only be used by the guests renting the site and should be left clean before departure. During winter times the water heaters can be used and can be switched ON from a double pole switch located in the shower room a couple of hours before use. Before departures the water heaters and the pressure pump have to be switched OFF.

These are multipurpose empty rooms which can be used for indoor sleeping. They accommodate approximately 15 PAX each. Bedding needs to be provided by the guests.

The Kitchen is fully equipped with industrial cookers, fridges, freezers and sink. Utensils are also available. Hot water is via a small water heater located in the same room. Gas is via a butane bottle and must be provided by the guests. There will be an additional charge of 2 Euro per day if the center provides the gas. The kitchen must be cleaned before departure.

Dining Room
The dining room accommodates approximately 40 PAX and is equipped with folding tables and benches. Addition tables and benches can be set in the outdoors at no charge.

Fire Precautions
A fire practice must be held, and all users of the campsite must take part. The EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY POINT is located near the front gate. A fire blanket and an extinguisher are in the kitchen.

All the surrounding fields are out of bounds to users of the campsite.
Campsite users must not damage the campsite boundary walls and fences.
Stones and other materials must not be removed from field walls and fences.
Campsite users must not climb over the field walls and fences.

 Using the Buildings
The Mosta Scout Group requires the full co-operation of all users in keeping all the buildings in good order and in particular:
Walls must not be marked, and nothing must be pinned, stuck on walls, ceilings, windows, doors or paintwork.
Equipment must not be stacked in such a way that it marks the walls or paintwork.
Smoking is not allowed in any building.
Food, sweets, and drinks must not be taken into or consumed in any of the dormitories.
Additional heating, cooking & lighting appliances must not be taken into or used inside any of the buildings.

Using the Camping Fields
The Management Committee requires the full co-operation of all users in keeping the camping fields in good order and in particular:

Fires and Wood
Wood fires are only allowed on altar fireplaces, both those that are provided and those that campers may bring themselves as long as they are constructed so that they do not damage the grass or drop hot embers.
Wood must be obtained only from the woodpile (located near the main entrance) and all unburnt wood should be returned to the woodpile at the end of your visit.
All fires must be out by midnight. A bucket of water must be available at all times that there is a fire and be kept adjacent to it.

No rubbish is to be left at the campsite, nor left near the gate. In the vicinity there is no collection apart from down the main road leading to Burmarrad. If garbage is to be taken out in the main road, please follow the below schedule:
Collection of Organic Waste (white/transparent bag)
Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 8:00am onwards.
Collection of Mixed Waste (black bag)
Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00am onwards.
Saturdays from 8:00am onwards.
Collection of Recycled Waste (green / grey bag)
Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:00am onwards.
Please help to keep the campsite clean and tidy by picking up rubbish whether or not it is your own.

Clearance must be obtained from the Warden before departure. A time for checking cleanliness of buildings & camping fields must be arranged with the Warden in advance.